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Spend some time in the Rocky Mountains in meditation and focused Yoga practice. 


See upcoming workshops with a focus on Yin and Yang yoga. 

Teacher Training

Discover my Yin Training and Private Mentorship programs that will deepen your current practice. Teacher Training will offer a deep understanding of mindfulness principals you can use on and off your mat.

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Private Lessons

Traditionally, Yoga was taught through private, individual instruction. Private instruction is by far the best way to learn yoga, as the poses, breathing exercises and meditation routines can be developed specifically to your needs. 

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Shoulder Shake-Up: Functional movement for Shoulder Relief

Saturday December 10th at Junction 9 Yoga and Pilates!

Medicinal Movement with Yin + Essential Oils Workshop

Saturday January 21st at Yoga Santosha 

This workshop combines the practice of Yin yoga with the magic of essential oils to nourish and rejuvenate the mind and body. In this two-hour workshop you will be guided through a long, delicious yin yoga practice that focuses on clearing the main energetic centers in the body. Crystal singing bowls will be played throughout the class, while visualizations and guided meditations will help you surrender deeply into the postures. 

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