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Spend some time in the Rocky Mountains in meditation and focused Yoga practice. 


See upcoming workshops with a focus on Yin Yoga, Meditation, and Functional Movement 

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Discover my Yin Training and Private Mentorship programs that will deepen your current practice. Teacher Training will offer a deep understanding of mindfulness principals you can use on and off your mat.

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Private Lessons

Traditionally, Yoga was taught through private, individual instruction. Private instruction is by far the best way to learn yoga, as the poses, breathing exercises and meditation routines can be developed specifically to your needs. 

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Harvesting Happiness: A Silent Retreat to Expand the Heart 

August 25-29 in Golden BC


November 3-5th & Nov 17-19, 2017, Kensington Calgary AB

In this 30 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training, you will discover stillness through the doorway of Yin yoga and mindfulness meditation. Structured around the Buddha’s four foundations of mindfulness, this course will offer a deep understanding of mindfulness principals you can use on and off your mat. This training will focus on developing a consistent home practice that you can authentically share with others, and the tools you need to cue students through long held poses.  Both physical and energetic anatomy will be the cornerstone of our study as we explore deeper layers of the emotional and mental bodies.  While this training is perfect for yoga teachers who want to diversify their teaching “tool box”, it is also tailored to the more serious practitioner who would like to deepen their practice.

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