Harvesting Happiness: a silent retreat to expand the heart

For centuries, silent retreat has played a vital role in almost every spiritual path. Silent retreat provides a refuge away from our cell phones, traffic, and the various rolls we are required to play in our family and professional lives. Extended silence allows us to enter deeply into the present moment, revealing the deeper truths the lie underneath the distraction. Join Stephanie Staniforth and Adam Stonebraker this August at the beautiful Quantum Leaps Lodge in Golden BC, for a week of silence, meditation and Yin and Yang Yoga. The them for this retreat will be the Buddha’s Four Immeasurables, the qualities that cultivate an intrinsic sense of happiness and wellbeing. Each day you will be guided through two yoga sessions per day, as well as guided meditations on the themes of equanimity, kindness, compassion and empathetic joy. Your tuition also includes your accommodation (of your choice) three delicious organic meals per day, and plenty of silent reflection time amidst the beautiful Canadian rocky mountains.

Social silence will be held from Friday night, to Tuesday before lunch

During silence participants are discouraged from using their cell phones and other electronics. 

September 7-11th, 2018


$840-$1200 + gst (depending on room choice) 

What is Included?

* All organic meals 

* Accommodation and use of Hot tub, labyrinth and walking paths at Quantum Leaps Lodge

* 2 meditation sessions, and two yoga sessions per day with Stephanie and Adam 

Where is Quantum Leaps Lodge?

Quantum Leaps is located near the town of Golden, British Columbia. It is a 2.5 hour drive from Calgary, Alberta. 


Accommodation Options:

For photos of accommodations, please visit:

Private Room in Lodge: $1200 +gst   

Private River Room or Meditation House: $1000 +gst  

Couples Room (two people share queen bed): $900 +gst 

Shared Room in Cliff House (Bunk Beds): $925 +gst  

Teepee: $840 +gst

Deposits are non-refundable. No refunds after August 15th. 

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About Your Teachers

We are both passionate about Yoga and Mindfulness, which is why we created this retreat. Our intention is to share what we have learned from our teachers to increase the happiness and wellbeing of others. 

Adam Stonebraker

As a child I had a natural curiosity for life’s bigger questions and an interest in religion and spirituality. I would often simply sit in nature and listen – something that looked a whole lot like meditation. Naturally, this led to more formal study in university where I dove head first into religion and eventually found meditation and yoga. My first meditation teacher was a professor who taught me how to sit zazen. This was a revolutionary experience that flipped my world upside down. In the middle of the chaos of the modern world, to simply sit and observe what was happening, with no agenda, made absolutely no sense conventionally but it made so much sense in a way I still have no words for. So, I continue to study and practice. Later on, I began to practice yoga which gave me a vehicle to deepen my meditation practice.

I like to think of yoga as an intensification of the present moment that allows us to deepen our mindful awareness, assisting in the discovery our innate, infinite well of goodness, wisdom, and compassion. My personal practice has evolved into a mixture of seated meditation and yin/yang yoga and this is what I enjoy teaching others. My primary teachers are Ty and Sarah Powers, who I am so very grateful for. I also enjoy studying with many other teachers from all three schools of Buddhism and many different styles of yoga, including: Paul & Suzee Grilley, Joe Barnett, Maty Ezraty, Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche, Dae Gak, Eugene Cash, Richard Freeman, and many many others. I practice daily, continually train, sit retreats whenever possible, and am pursuing an MA in Mindfulness Studies from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. May all beings benefit from this work.  

Stephanie Staniforth

I found yoga at the tender age of 15, when my mind and body felt like foreign terrain.  Yoga postures lead me to my breath, which offered me solace during the stress and toxicity of adolescence. During university I became more interested in the spirituality and philosophy behind the practice I already loved- which lead me to a religious studies professor who opened my eyes to Buddhism. After receiving a degree in eastern religious studies, I made a pilgrimage to India where I spent months learning the traditional roots of yoga. From this point on I continued to study and practice with many teachers- receiving the teachings and then testing them in the laboratory of my own heart and mind.

Currently my main teachers are Sarah and Ty powers, whose teaching blends yin/yang yoga, Buddhism and psychotherapy into one practice called Insight Yoga. I am so grateful for the many jewels of wisdom they continue to share with me.

This past year I had the privilege of sitting a month-long silent retreat at Sprit Rock Meditation centre with Gil Fronstal, Philip Moffit- and am currently very influenced by their teachings. I also enjoy studying yoga asana with Maty Ezraty and Biomechanist Jules Michell.

My daily practice continually reveals deeper layers of learning and self-discovery. There are so many teachings and teachers available, but I think the real learning must come from your own experience of what you feel to be true- and then being open to question that truth.  Our practice is a continual navigation through the wilderness of our body heart and mind.  May it lead us to a place of solace, peace and true refuge.